JoinMe Car Rental Website Terms of Service

Please read these user terms of service carefully. Once you use the JoinMe Digital Platform (hereinafter referred to as “this Platform”) or related services, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these user terms. JoinMe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “this Company”) will use your personal data in accordance with these user terms of service. Please do not use this Platform if you do not agree to these user terms.


Compliance with Code of Conducts and Legal Regulations:

You understand that you may use the services of this Platform after you register as a member. When a member uses the services hereof, it means that he/she agrees to be bound by the Code of Conducts and all precautions of this Website, as well as abiding by the local laws and regulations.


Article 1 Definitions and Interpretation

Unless otherwise stated or the context otherwise requires, the following definitions and interpretation rules shall apply to the terms and conditions herein:

(1) “This Platform” provides the Company’s website service, from which you may receive related services.

(2) “This Website” refers to the website provided by this Company, and you use your mobile device to browse this Website, from which you may receive related services.

(3) “Advertisement” refers to any promotional information and materials that may appear on your mobile device when you browse this Website.

(4) “Participating Suppliers” refer to the practitioners, vehicle operators, other products, and other service providers who provide or may be requested to provide their customers with shuttle services, car rental services, malls or other related services through the use of this Website.

(5) “Relevant Services” refer to any and all services provided to you by this Company and participating suppliers through your use of this Website.

(6) “These Terms” refer to the terms agreed upon in the JoinMe Car Rental Website Terms of Service. The Company may modify or supplement these terms at any time in accordance with the agreements.

(7) “Content” refers to all presented or displayed content, including but not limited to logos, icons, trademarks, texts, graphics contexts, figures, photos, images, motion graphics, sounds, charts, music, software, viewpoint, comments, opinions, illustrations, links, questions, advice, information or other materials.

(8) “JoinMe Car Rental Content” refers to the content owned or used by this Company, its related enterprises or participating suppliers through websites, services or application software, including any content provided by participating suppliers, advertisers, etc. without user content.

(9) “User” refers to the person who accesses or uses this Website.

(10) “User Content” refers to the content posted, uploaded, published, submitted or transmitted by the user and provided on the website or through the service or application software.

(11) “Cookie” refers to the data stored on the user's local terminal device by this Platform in order to identify the user's identity.


Article 2 This Platform’s Authorization

1. In addition to the nontransferable personal right to use and accept related services in accordance herewith, you will not obtain any intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, logos, patterns, photos, animations, videos and texts, or the rights on this Platform) of this Company nor the intellectual property rights of other subcontractors nor advertisers of this Company by using this Platform.

2. You may not enforce the following measures on this Platform:

(1) Sub-authorization, sale, resale, passing of title, transfer, distribution or other commercial use or provision of related services or this Website to any third party in any form.

(2) Starting an automatic program or command code, including but not limited to web spiders, web crawlers, internet bots, NetAnts, web indexers, robotics programming, viruses or computer worms, or any server that can send multiple requests to the server in a short time, or the program overburdening or hindering the operation and/or execution of the service or the procedure.

(3) Send or store infringing, obscene, threatening, defamatory or other illegal or infringing materials, including materials harmful to children or infringes on the privacy of third parties.

(4) Interfering with or destroying the integrity or performance of websites, application, service or the data contained therein; or attempting to access the website, application or service or its related system or network without authorization.


Article 3 Description of JoinMe Platform

1. This Company only accepts individual applications for membership, and strictly forbids manufacturers to impersonate other individual membership status to interfere with the conduct of various transactions.

2. For those who choose self drive car rentals, if the person picking up the car is not the member, the person is under 20 years of age on the day he/she picks up the rental car, or the person is unable to present a valid driver's license of more than one year or above at the time of pickup, or the driver's license is suspended or revoked, this Company has the right to cancel the order and no car rental service will be provided, thereby protecting the rights and interests of the Company.

3. When registering as a member, you should provide complete, accurate and correct personal data. In the event of any changes afterwards, you should update them on the website yourself. In case of any field cannot be changed, please contact the Company.

4. The Company has the right to terminate one’s membership and the right to use various services in the following circumstances:

■ Provided false or non-up-to-date personal data.

■ Conducted transactions by using counterfeit or illegally obtained credit card numbers.

■ Intended to invade or damage the services and systems of this Website.

■ Performed actions which damages the Company's reputation.

■ Violated the Company's transaction regulations, Consumer Protection Act, Fair Trade Act or other laws of Taiwan.

■ Failed to respectfully treat the participating suppliers given to you through this Platform, and caused damage to their products or conducted illegal, threatening, harassing, or abusive behavior or activities when using related services.

5. If the Company needs to face any complaint or litigation filed by any other party due to your violation of these Terms, in addition to the legal responsibility of such member or the person picking up the rental car, the Company will actively cooperate with the competent authority to investigate and deal with it as well. You shall fully compensate the Company’s expenses and actively provide the Company with necessary assistance.

6. The members should properly keep relevant information such as account numbers and passwords without disclosing to or providing others to use in order to protect the rights and interests of members.

7. Anyone who uses your mobile device, account and password to log in to the program shall be deemed that you are using it or the person has obtained your authorization to use it. Under the foregoing circumstances, if the Company cannot identify whether it is used by the one in person due to embezzlement, improper use, or other circumstances, the Company will not be responsible for the damage caused; provided that if you find or suspect your account and the password are fraudulently used, or improperly used by a third person, or has any security concerns, you should take the initiative to notify the Company immediately, and the Company will take appropriate response measures, including stopping the processing and subsequent use of transactions relating to the member accounts.

8. You may use this Platform and related services only when you are at least 18 years old, and you must possess an ID card or a passport, and a legal and valid credit card. If your jurisdiction restricts your use of the program and related services due to your age, or restricts your capability to enter into such contracts due to your age, you shall comply with these age restrictions and may not use the program and related services. You declare that if you enter into a contract on behalf of an individual, you have reached the legal age to make a binding contract; if you register on behalf of a legal entity, you are authorized to enter into the user terms herein and enable the entity to be bound by them as well as the registration services and the program. If you download and use the program and related services when you are under the foregoing legal age, it will be deemed that your actions have been permitted by your agent ad litem. If you improperly use the program or related services and cause damage, your agent ad litem shall be jointly and severally liable for such damage.


Article 4 Fees and Payment

1. Before booking, users are obliged to read all information related to the services provided by JoinMe on this Website, including: prices and notices, route introductions, fees and content.

2. Please refer to the latest fee schedule listed on this Website. The Company will change and update the details of these charges from time to time. Please pay attention to the fee schedule and quotation posted on this Website at any time. The Company will not notify you separately.

3. You shall not have any objections after purchase when you have read and fully understood all the contents of cancellation of and changes in transaction fees, terms, special reminders, etc.

4. When JoinMe uses a third-party payment processor (hereinafter referred to as the “payment processor”) to process payments related to your use of the service, you must accept the restrictions on terms, conditions and privacy policy specified by the payment processor and the credit card issuer in addition to abiding by these Service Terms. The Company is not responsible for any errors made by the payment processor. The Company will obtain specific transaction detail related to your use of the service herein and use it in strict accordance with its privacy and Cookie statement.

5. Payment and Rights & Obligations

(1) Payment Model

 (1.1) Credit Card Payment: You agree to authorize the Company to debit the credit card account you specify in accordance with the service content and deduction method you choose. We will not charge any additional fees when you swipe your credit card on this Website. To protect your rights and avoid the credit card information being used by others, we advise that you do not share the same account with your family or friends.

 (1.2) Cash Payment: You may pay in cash for the service items that the Company announces on the website that shall be paid in cash.

 (2) Rights and Obligations

 (2.1) You shall use your own credit card or payment tool. If you use either a credit card or a payment tool (e.g., micropayment account) which does not belong to you (hereinafter referred to as the “payer”) for payment, the Company will deem you have been legally authorized to use it, and the payer is fully aware of this payment behavior.

 (2.2) If the designated credit card expires, have been reported as lost, rejected by the correspondent, or the Company questions the validity of the credit card due to other reasons, the Company has the right to refuse to provide services, or terminate the transaction between the Parties.

 (2.3) The payer shall exercise due diligence of a good administrator in keeping the personal data and important information about the credit card provided without disclosing or delivering to a third party; if you disclose it to others due to your personal intention or negligence, or it is impersonated by a third party, causing losses, you shall take responsible for such loss without being related to the Company.

 (2.4) The purpose of entering credit card related information online is to confirm the validity of the credit card and obtain transaction authorization from the card issuer. It does not mean that you have paid, nor does it mean that the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established, and the Company may reserve the right to decide whether to accept your order; your payment is not required unless the service specified by you is provided.

 (2.5) The member agrees that the credit card number related information will be automatically stored in the computer or mobile device entered by the member, and understands and agrees that the credit card information will be accessed by the Automated Clearing House; if the rental service is not returned as scheduled or the service is damaged, the Company has the right to go to the Automated Clearing House for automatic debit.

 (2.6) In order to protect your privacy and rights, the Company will not keep the credit card number and other financial-related data you registered on the website program in the Web Management System. If you need to change the specified credit card account data or terminate the automatic debit authorization, you should actively change it on the system.


Article 5 Promotional Activities

The Company will provide promotional activities on this Platform from time to time. The Company has the right to modify, suspend, withdraw or terminate such promotional activities without prior notice.


Article 6 Links and Advertisements

1. This Platform may contain advertisements and links to third-party websites. The Company is not responsible for the content, legality and accuracy of third-party websites and advertisements.

2. During the use of the website, applications and services, you probably communicate with the third-party service providers, advertisers or sponsors (such third parties will display their products and/or services through links on the website or through applications or services ) to purchase commodities and/or services from them, as well as participating in their promotional activities. Such links will take you away from the website, applications and services, all of which will not be under the control of our Company. The websites you may link have their own terms, conditions and privacy policies. This Company is not responsible for the content and activities of those websites. Therefore, you will be responsible for all risks of visiting or accessing those websites. Please note that such websites will probably send their own cookies to the users and collect data or solicit personal information. Thus, it is advised that you review their terms of use before using those websites.


Article 7 Compensation Agreement

By accepting these Service Terms and using this Website or related services, you agree that you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company, the Company’s affiliated enterprises, and the employees, directors, other users, and agents of the foregoing parties against:

1. Appeals or compensation claims (including but not limited to settlement expenses, attorney fees or litigation expenses) caused by your violation of these Service Terms or any applicable laws and regulations (whether mentioned herein or not).

2. Appeals or compensation claims (including but not limited to settlement expenses, attorney fees or litigation expenses) caused by your infringement of any rights of any third party (including participating suppliers arranged through the program of this Website).

3. All complaints, expenses, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, compensation (including but not limited to attorney fees and litigation expenses) caused or suffered by improper use of this Platform or related services.


Article 8 Disclaimer

1. This Website is provided to you in status quo, the Company does not make any warranty with respect to:

 (1) Compatible with your smart mobile device.

 (2) Although the Company strives to enable the program to embody the security that can be reasonably expected at the time of providing the service, it does not guarantee that it is free of errors, defects, malicious software and viruses.

 (3) This Platform shows that it is correct, up-to-date and accurate.

2. The Company does not make any warranty with respect to the availability of relevant services, nor does it guarantee that participating suppliers will use the relevant services nor the accuracy of the information nor data as a part of the relevant services, nor the quality, applicability and timeliness of services provided by the participating suppliers, nor does it accept any responsibilities related to the abovementioned.

3. If you lose items during the services provided by participating suppliers, we will make reasonable efforts to contact the participating suppliers to find such items. In any case, the Company will not assume any liability for the loss or damage of such items.

4. You may only use the program and related services in accordance with the terms and conditions herein. It is your responsibility to check to ensure that you download the correct application for your device. If your mobile device is incompatible or the version of the program you downloaded was wrong, the Company would not be liable. If you use this Website or related services in the incompatible or unauthorized equipment or environments, the Company has the right to immediately terminate or refuse your use of related services.


Article 9 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Service Terms shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Taiwan. Both Parties agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance to resolve any dispute arising from the Service Terms herein.